oldphotoofstmarysOld St. Mary’s Chapel History

Old St. Mary’s Chapel was built in 1883 as St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church. It served as a Catholic church for 100 years till the congregation outgrew it. Various religious organizations used it for services until 2004 when it was slated for demolition. The Rocklin Historical Society took possession in 2005 and moved it down Front Street to its new location. Dedicated volunteers then went to work to transform Rocklin’s oldest building into the beautiful chapel you see today. Our first wedding was held in 2007 and now Old St. Mary’s has become the site of many beautiful ceremonies.

Restoring the chapel also included rebuilding the steeple to its original look. In 1937, the steeple succumbed to woodpeckers and foul weather and thieves took the original bell. Today’s bell is on loan from Rocklin’s Community Covenant Church. There is now a tradition that once a couple is married, they pause before leaving the chapel and ring the bell three times to start their new life together.

Why Old St. Mary’s Chapel of Rocklin for your event?

Old St. Mary’s Chapel is the perfect spot for your special day. The beautifully restored chapel exudes peaceful charm. The tall arched windows allow in plenty of beautiful light for those important photos and the neutral décor lends itself to your personal touch.

Attached to the chapel is an annex room with a large bathroom perfect for getting ready for the special event. Leaving the annex by the side door you follow the path back to the front of the chapel for the grand entrance! The 135-year-old historic building is located in old downtown Rocklin where it is conveniently located near various reception and rehearsal dinner sites. Some newlywed couples have even used a horse drawn carriage for transportation to their reception!

With the Amtrak station located right next door, Old St. Mary’s is the perfect spot for guests arriving from out of town. Several hotels are located close by. At the chapel, there is plenty of parking available for your guests. The beautifully landscaped bridal patio with its unique fountain is the perfect spot for small receptions and beautiful wedding photos.

Old St. Mary’s Chapel is a non-denominational historic building. You are welcome to bring a minister or officiant of your choice.