How much does it cost to get married at Old St.Mary’s Chapel?

Our beautiful, all beliefs welcome, quaint community chapel can be rented out for $250 per hour with a four hour minimum required. A $250 deposit is required to secure a date. The deposit goes towards your final balance. Final balance will be due 45 days prior to the event date. Hours can always be added at a rate of $250 per hour. All weddings are required to have event insurance with one million dollar coverage. You can get this through your own agent or online at and will run about $100. We offer a special discount of 10% to military and first responders.

What does the rental time include?

Use of the Chapel, Firehouse room, Patio and Restrooms are included with your contracted time. You are responsible for all set-up, preparation, decoration , removal for all equipment used for the event and basic cleanup after the event. The surrounding park and grass areas may be booked directly through Rocklin City Parks and Recreation. The winery across the street is also available to rent.

Rental times are available between 8am-10pm. Your rental time begins when we open the doors and ends when we lock the doors. The Chapel, Firehouse, Patio and Restrooms MUST be left at a basic cleanliness by your end time or additional time and cleaning fees will be charged. There may also be a wedding the next day so please be respectful of the time it takes to clean. We are a small non-profit run by volunteers.

Can I book a rehearsal?

Rehearsals can be booked most Mon-Thurs at a rate of $250 per hour. Coordinate with your RHS volunteer to plan and check availability.

How many people can the chapel seat?

The chapel seats 90 comfortably. Maximum capacity for events is 110 people both inside and outside

Where can my guests park?

There is plenty of public parking all along Front Street, Rocklin Road and at the Train Station. We also put out cones to block off the front of the Chapel for our couples. Be respectful of our neighbors and refrain from blocking private driveways or fire hydrants.

Is there a schedule for the trains?

There is no way to know when the trains will be traveling down the rails behind OSM. However, thanks to great insulation, if the doors are closed, the train will not cause problems during your ceremony. You will know that a train is going by but it will not disrupt the speakers or music.

Do we have kitchen facilities for receptions?

We do not have kitchen facilities. However, we have had many catered receptions on the patio without a problem. Please note there are no food or drinks allowed inside the chapel.

Can we get in to plan for decorating or to show family and friends the chapel? What are the rules for decorations?
We are open most Wednesdays from 5-7. Please call or email to make sure scheduling has not changed. We do not do tours on the weekends since we have events booked those days.

Although you may use non-flammable decorations inside and outside the facility, no such decorations shall be attached to the interior or exterior walls, ceilings, doors, pews or any other area of the facility in such a manner as to leave any mark, stain, or impression (i.e., no nails, tacks, push pins, staples or non-removable tape). No decorations may be hung from the facility’s light fixtures. Any flowers or live plants used as decorations inside the chapel shall be in moisture-proof containers. No decorations or equipment shall obstruct any hallway or doorway of the Chapel. NO birdseed, rice, glitter or other organic or non-organic materials shall be strewn inside the facility building or on the facility grounds.

Does the chapel have heat/air?

When the Rocklin Historical Society renovated this chapel from 1883, of course they had to add a modern update to the heating and air.

Does the chapel have a stereo system?

There is a full surround sound stereo system installed inside the Chapel. In the front corner there is a black control box where we keep a few accessories. Please make sure to return all equipment used. The stereo system does not extend to the outside.

How many pews are there in the Chapel?

The Chapel has 18 pews, 9 on each side. Measuring 9.5” W x 36”H

What size runner will cover the carpet?

The carpet cannot be removed and is 5’ X 40’

What are the measurements of the wooden arch?

Feel free to use our wooden arch in the back room but please remember to return it to the back room at the end of your time.
6’2″W x7’6″Hx2’1.5″D